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"there were three ghostly presences"
Brownsville Saloon is owned by Natalie Wade 
the Bar and Grill has a friendly atmosphere
 the food and drink is the best in town 
Stop in for a bite to eat and a cold drink

Welcome to Brownsville! Brownsville is one of the oldest towns in Oregon State, settled in 1846. The economy revolved around logging and the town's woolen mills. Portions of the film "Stand By Me" were filmed in the town of Brownsville. Actor Sam Elliott and his wife, actress Katharine Ross also live in Brownsville.

An entire block of businesses including the current site of the Brownsville Saloon was burned to the ground in 1935. The legend is that a woman had poisoned her husband with rat poison and then was seeking to destroy the purchase records from the business she had purchased it from.

The Saloon itself was renovated from an old Confectionary Store into a Saloon in 1945-46. There are local regulars who frequent the Saloon today who were patrons back when it originally opened.

There have been no deaths or murders recorded at the Saloon .The current owner requested a ghost investigation due to unsettled and uneasy feelings she has encountered while alone in the building. Other than "sensing" presences, there have only been a few experiences that could be considered paranormal such as the following:
The staff is unable to keep a mirror hung in the kitchen area; every mirror hung there has fallen off the wall while no one was present, an employee watched a cup appearing to be flung off of a counter, and witnesses outside the Saloon after hours said they saw a man in a long black coat and black hat walk out of the Saloon and then cross the street before disappearing completely through the walls of the Pioneer Antique Store. Another local patron, who attests to psychic abilities, claims to have seen the apparition of this "man in black" in the Saloon itself.

Following an investigation, there were two more experiences- a lit candle was caught just in time as it was teetering on the edge of a counter as if someone was getting ready to let it drop. Also, that same night after the Saloon had closed and everything had been turned down for the night, the owner felt a heat emanating from the kitchen area, and upon inspection was shocked to find that one of the grill burners had been turned back up on HIGH all on its own.

There were 3 ghostly presences that was picked up on at this Saloon upon arrival. There was what appeared to be an unstable, bordering on emotionally abusive man whose facial expressions appeared drawn and hardworking. This man considered himself in control of the place and has felt like this for quite some time. Up until recently, he hasn't had any problems with the owners- they have all been men.

Following him around like a little lost puppy was an unattractive, brown haired, mousy little stock of a woman, whom I found out later, was at one time a regular patron of the Saloon named "Rose". (Note: A previous owner had made a comment about "Rose" about her apparent ugliness.)

Also in "existence" here is another woman, older than the other 2, who considers herself a REBEL- a WILD woman, a person who would do some "crazy" things during her heyday, was never anybody's fool and did what she wanted (and with WHOM), and who still loves being in the Saloon. This entity also came up in conversations later with the current owner, who was not surprised to hear this- a woman matching this description, named Cora, was also another past patron of this favorite neighborhood watering hole and was just as wild 'n crazy as they come.

So you've got three entities here- two of them palling around together, while "Wild Woman" Cora keeps to herself, ignoring the other two, and just doing her own thing. "Wild Woman" Cora ( Or "Crazy Cora" as she used to be called), is still very much enjoying herself and has absolutely no intention of leaving. Our presence here did not bother nor concern her- the only reaction I ever saw from her was when she was watching the exchanges between our group and the other two entities, which I could tell she felt were a couple of "problems," and would be very happy if they'd just leave.

To make a long story short "Rose" expressed interest in leaving her ghostly inhabitance. She had been the one previously knocking the mirrors off of the walls- still hating the way she looks. I informed her she could be beautiful forever, and that she didn't need to be like this any more. I felt that he was forcibly keeping her with him- all the while telling her things that certain men do when they want to keep their women down. Things like, "Nobody would ever love you like I do," and reiterating the fact that she was un-pretty and that he would "take care of her even though she wasn't really his type," etc. You understand the type of wording and the emotionally abusive control that I'm trying to describe here.

The thought of being beautiful intrigued Rose to no end. She was still extremely upset about her looks. She knew she was ugly, but this awareness could also make her appear to be very vain. To be beautiful was something that seemed unattainable and impossible for her to imagine, although she wanted beauty more than anything. She would have died for the opportunity to be beautiful. So, pretty much immediately after I told her this, she drifted away from the man and began to shyly creep around the tavern, following us around and listening. My whole goal was to get her away from him so I could convince her that things could be better for her. I also smudged/blessed the establishment- this helped calm Rose down and her interest was peaked even higher- however, this also helped set the man off into a tizzy.

Eventually I talked Rose into leaving, and as she was doing so, the man, whose name I have never gotten, went into a rage. She was his meal ticket- pretty much his mousy little minion who helped build up his ego, and allowed him to feel controlling and powerful. Now that she was leaving, he didn't know what to do. He blamed another man in our group of "turning against him," as well as acting out in tantrum like ways- - shifting physical objects in two different rooms (which our group audibly heard), and cussing at us while he was being picked up by the EMF meter, turning around and taunting us yelling,"Come and chase me, motherf**kers!" After this performance he went outside to the back area of the Saloon and began pacing and screaming at no one in particular- feeling betrayed, angry, and alone.

When we left the Saloon, he was standing at the corner in front of the Hardware Store, glaring at all of us, but mostly me. Now that Rose had decided to leave, my assumption was that he would eventually become too frustrated to have lost control (and his number one fan), and that he would move on and go somewhere else- hopefully even pass over.

By the middle of the week, I began to feel that this assumption had probably come true.

"Crazy Cora" will be the only entity still partying for eternity in the Brownsville Saloon,and she is more than welcome to stay by the owner and her employees. Cora pretty much keeps to herself anyway as she doesn't like anybody to tell her what to do or when to go.

The Brownsville Saloon is a friendly, low key, neighborhood tavern, with very good food. They have lottery games inside, as well as a few pool tables. Ask the bartender for her special "Tuaca" drink - it's yummy good! :) Please don't bother the owner or employees of this busy tavern to ask for a tour of the place, although I'm sure she'd be more than happy to talk about her ghostly experiences with you.

Other interesting and historic places to visit in Brownsville are a most wonderful historical museum on the corner of Main street and Park avenue, and don't forget to take the weekend tour of the Moyer House, a beautiful 1881 villa-style home, located across the street (no, it's not haunted, but it's really neat inside)! Awesome Oregon history - awesome stuff!